Jam Radio Relaunch

Jam Radio is relaunching on Saturday 19th APRIL @ 5pm with the “Rock and Roll Years show with Bruce Russell”.

There will be a lot of old faces and some new faces, and going forward there will be live coverage of all Keighley Cougars home games.

So don’t forget to tune in to Jam Radio.


Artful Jammy Dodgers

Too much time on your hands on Tuesdays…. During the day?

Fancy coming to join  “The Artful Jammy Dodgers” at Jam Radio..

To contribute to a local radio soap show for Keighley!

anyone wanting to have a go at story lines, recording, acting or producing.

Please email

Brian at    info@jam-radio.co.uk


Andy at    andyshepard@live.com



It’s going to be a lot of fun!

New local soap show coming this spring!

The Welcome Project & Jam Radio

teamed up to create a local weekly soap show

We are looking for local people who are not in employment, who may feel a bit redundant and need something full filling to do on a Tuesday!  

interested in learning more about  radio, media, internet 

taking an active roll?

writing scripts, presenting, recording shows, editing & producing, making jingles & advertisements

 spend the day at Jam Radio, learning new skills and becoming a part of a strong active community group.

If this is you!

to discuss further please ring Jam on 01535 600133

or email Jam on info@jam-radio.co.uk

Local Music Show

Looking for a dynamic, know it all local music geek!

Do you have what it takes to produce a local music radio show for Keighley?

Ready for Jam Radio’s re-launch next year


Please email info@jam-radio.co.uk